"I’ve been involved with several events that Amber has either hosted or planned. I can say, without hesitation, that her commitment to excellence is unparalleled. She has an incredible ability to make - even the seemingly-insignificant aspects of an event feel special. I’ve seen a lot of people (myself included) impressed and pleased by her work and the atmospheres that she’s able to create."

 ~ Taylor J.

"the fruit of love is service which is compassion in action."

"I have had the pleasure of attending an event organized by Amber and was amazed by the attention to detail, exquisite designs and personal touches she added to the occasion. She was able to capture the essence of the event through her designs so that the memories would last a lifetime in the minds of those who attended and also in the pictures that were taken. All this was done with a kind and professional attitude that showed her passion and enthusiasm for her work. I would highly recommend her services for your next special gathering!"

~ Christina J.

"Amber is very intuitive and thoughtful of the needs of the party host. It's fun working with her because her passion for planning really shows and makes you feel like the whole event is going to go just as you planned."

~ Ellyse A.

I am the type of person that must plan everything. EVERY SINGLE THING. If I lose control of that, then I feel empty. But Amber honestly was the best lady for the job to not only deal with my controlling personality but also the fact that we aligned with all the things I wanted for my wedding. From the day we met, she was persistent, yet not to the point that it became overbearing, in working to secure my business. Although we hired her as a month-of coordinator, she was hands on from 4 months out. She scheduled monthly meetings with my fiancé and I and made sure we knew exactly what the next steps were.

But forget all the planning. I know you may think planning is stressful, but the most stressful thing is the wedding day. I was scared, nervous, and literally every single bad thing that could happen (other than bad weather – well actually it was 90 degrees and the ceremony was outside), so yea, every bad thing that could happen, did! However, Amber made the best out of everything. She made sure everything was set up like I wanted, she managed to make sure all the things that went wrong, were made right and most importantly, she made sure that my day was perfect.

Honestly, I am eternally grateful for her. It is hard to define exactly who Amber is, but I do know she will be who you need her to be. If you are controlling like me, she is going to take control and relieve you of the stress. If you are super passive and so laid back you forget to do things, she is going to be on you to remind you and get you moving. She adapts to her clients needs and that’s the best part about her! We love Amber and are so glad she was able to share in our special day aside from being our coordinator!

~Olivia W.

- Mother theresa

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