2oz Sassy Georgia Native
2oz Servant’s Heart
3oz Dark & Witty Humor
2oz Introvert
3oz Sweet Tooth
3oz Detailed-Oriented
4oz Christian

Best served with a splash of espresso for the morning or with wine for the evening.

Those are the ingredients from which I am derived. I love to host, to interact and to provide only the best for my family and friends but you will not find me actively seeking a popular or crowded scene. Instead, though I am not shy, you will find me in the corner booth at a speakeasy with a few close friends having good drinks and engaging conversation by all. And, ever true to my introverted nature, I enjoy hibernating in my home to recharge. To use the words of a friend, “I’m quirky with a hint of peculiar." Nevertheless, I’ve managed to marry Mr. Right, be loved by the most adorable miniature dachshund in the world, Franklin and be surrounded with incredible family and close friends.

As a Georgia native, “Southern Hospitality” runs in my veins. If you’ve never heard the term, it is a lifestyle associated with those living in the southeastern United States. According to Southern Living Magazine, there are six qualities that make up the concept; politeness, good home cooking, kindness, helpfulness, charm and charity. I still prefer to believe it is an international phenomenon. I am convinced there are those living in Italy, France and other parts of the world that also bake, cook, host, toast and share kindness, politeness, charm and charity. It is this appreciation for each other, for intimate gatherings, good food, amazing venues and great music that I truly admire. This appreciation of togetherness coupled with the finer things in life is where my soul dwells and what I strive to weave through every detail of the events I design or plan.

With a love of amazing event design and planner’s way of thinking, Amberly Events allows me to extend the art of appreciation and hospitality to you and yours.

If you do not take yourself too seriously, are up for laughter and trust, enjoy wine with dark chocolate truffles and wish to elevate the experience of your intimate occasion, let’s connect!

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- george bailey, it's a wonderful life
"You know what we're gonna do? We're gonna shoot the works. A whole week in New York. A whole week in Bermuda. The highest hotels, The oldest champagne, The richest caviar, and the hottest music and the prettiest wife."
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