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I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.


featured posts


I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.



Wedding Save the Dates | Another Avenue

February 10, 2020

Dear Brides,

From wedding save the dates to invitations, you know I am a fan of custom stationery for special occasions.

I believe that a unique design and bespoke calligraphy can truly elevate the experience (and look) for any big event. You’ll see on my Instagram feed and in my portfolio how I invest in the best to capture and convey the ambiance of a wedding or event I envision. Why? Well I believe that your stationery (beginning with wedding save the dates) sets the mood and tone for your wedding. Consider this; do you want Aunt Margaret to think your evening wedding calls for a sundress when it is a black-tie affair because your wedding save the date and invitation seemed too casual?

wedding save the dates, save the dates

I know working with a custom calligrapher or stationery designer for wedding save the dates can be a bit pricey.

I also know some consider spending hard-earned money on save the dates to be a waste and, as a result, decide to omit the idea altogether. Not wise (especially if you desire to have guests mark their calendars but not consequently lose the invitation). Therefore, consider a suggestion. Why not save that top designer for your invites, menus and place cards and design your own wedding save the dates? And no, this does not imply your save the date has to be in-cohesive with the design you’re crafting with some of the best boutique designers out there.

The thing is, your save the date does not have to be pricey.

Some of you already know this and might already use a well-known website for creating your own custom design. But have you heard of I hadn’t until recently and ladies, allow me to show you stunning, but cheap, save the date postcards I designed as well as other inexpensive wedding save the dates from this resource. Let me say, the customization options were incredible. The color options (unlimited combinations), fonts and flexibility for each design was in the least – incredible. LOVED. IT. If I had to pick one, it must be the clear design (check out a few of those design here, here and here!). #swoon


wedding save the dates, save the dates


Want to know a little more about Okay, here’s my shameless plug…

  1. They offer FREE wedding websites that are completely customizable!
  2. When you order a sample, it isn’t a canned version. It is YOUR custom sample to see how the save the dates, invites, etc. really look!
  3. Um, gotta be one of my fav features – they offer over 40 different envelope colors!
  4. For those who need a plethora of options, how about over 900 wedding invitation sets?
  5. Their address collection service is FREE.
  6. They have seal and send wedding invitations. Some designs have a tear-off RSVP postcard included that some brides are raving about.
  7. Pricing is all right there by clicking the “quantity” pill. Easy peasy!

Check them out @basicinvite!


With Love,


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