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I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.


featured posts


I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.



Pinterest Vs. Professional

September 16, 2019

Pinterest vs. Professional

With all the amazing finds on Pinterest, wedding or event planning and décor can seem like a breeze. You can easily pull together a vision of what you like and what you don’t. Pinterest can also be hugely helpful in conveying your ideas to your event planner, designer, florist, photographer or caterer. We all know Pinterest allows you to devise a list of décor, gifts or other items you feel you can DIY. Regardless of all the pros to Pinterest, it is important to note there can be a few cons and why recruiting a professional may be your best bet at times. See why we think there is an upside to both.

Pinterest  vs  Professional

Pinterest allows you to create a collage of your favorite ideas for your wedding or event. Ideas from flowers to favors can be found on Pinterest.

A professional can create a collage of your favorite ideas and has the time to take those ideas and transform them into a design that is unique to you.


Pinterest may help you save money by offering ideas on where to cut costs by creating your own décor or advice on how to plan your own event to avoid hiring a professional.

A professional will cost money but you now have an expert to assist you. You’ll be able to save valuable time and stress trusting that a quality product or service will be delivered.



Pinterest permits you to pin everything you love that your pin board grows too large and you lose a sense of direction.

A professional wedding or event designer can help narrow your pin board to create a cohesive, tasteful look.



Pinterest’s cost savings DIY item, proved to be equivalent to or exceeded the cost to hire a pro once completed.

A professional has all (or access to) the necessary supplies and can provide you with an estimate of the foreseeable cost. Unless you make any major changes to your requests, there should not be any shock on how much you will spend.



Pinterest is great if you are a person who loves to DIY. It is the epicenter for ideas you can test and try. In fact, you do not mind the time it takes to create the invitations you pinned and look forward to getting started. It will be your first time to try anything like that!

With a designer’s eye, a professional is also able to ensure that your event is not only cohesive but classy. Too many DIY items can sometimes appear cluttered or come across tawdry versus elegantly economical. Think, “Nailed it!” Did you really?



Unfortunately, Pinterest does not know your timeline or you. Let’s say you are amazing at DIY. You know you can easily create the invitations and believed you’d have plenty of time. Now, realizing that the wedding or event is drawing near, you do not see how (with all your other commitments) you’ll be able to make the invitations now. If you try, they will be thrown together (at best) just to get them in the mail.

A professional takes the burden from you and ensures that these items are created by – you guessed it – a pro. That said, the professional has tested their method many times before and can ensure your design is not thrown together. If you really love DIY, consider focusing on a few items and really knocking those out of the park versus trying to tackle everything.



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