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I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.


featured posts


I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.



Intimate Events | Connections Vs. Crowds

August 23, 2019

What type of gathering do you prefer?

A large crowd or a small gathering? A sea of people you barely know intertwined with those you do or familiarity with every face in the room through intimate events? For me it is the latter. It always has been.

I have hosted elaborate holiday parties but the number never exceeded seventy people. Every one of those seventy individuals I personally knew and many of them knew each other. I could have conversation and interact with each person without the anxiety or stress of having missed saying, “Hello! I’m so glad you made it!” because my guest count was well into the hundreds. I have been to those events. The events or weddings that have so many people that the host or newlyweds only have a few seconds to smile before passing on to the next table.

Other times, the host, newlyweds or other friends may not even know if I attended because of the whirlwind of the day and large list of attendees. Granted, I’m not the most extroverted person in the room. Large crowds make me cringe. I sit on the sidelines and people watch. Unless, of course, I’m planning, designing or coordinating the event. Yes, the goal is to not leave anyone out but do large events versus intimate events truly make for inclusivity? I beg to differ.

Close Connections | Intimate Weddings & Events

I find inclusion to be found in exclusion. That sounds funny but hear me out.

If I invited my close friends and family over for dinner, everyone has a chance to engage in the conversation. I am able to make eye contact with everyone and be present in the moment with them. I can introduce everyone to everyone else and personally make sure each person has enough to drink and eat and ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. That I appreciate them. And, I wish to appreciate the finer things in life with them – not everyone – with them. My family and friends are sacred to me. Special to me. And so, an occasion should be special not just social.

Now, I may host different dinner parties to include different groups of people but through keeping my guest list small, I can really elevate the experience. I feel it grants a cozy, peaceful, enjoyable environment that allows everyone to feel included. Not excluded as if their presence did not even matter because it does. I want them to know it does. Do you not feel the same?

Consider the connections made in limiting your guest count to create a more intimate event or wedding.

We all want to feel as if we are the only one in the room and your guests and you can feel that way. Yes, hundreds of guests may mean loads of gifts from your registry or checks to put towards your honeymoon, down payment on a home or make you feel popular. Fifty guests mean loads of memories and endless possibilities in making your event a truly one-of-a-kind experience for you and those you hold most dear.


With Love,

Amber, Owner

Amberly Events


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