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I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.


featured posts


I'm just a girl trying to to bring a little light and lessen the load to the lovely brides-to-be and hosts in this world.



Welcome Home Amberly | Creating Amberly Events

July 25, 2019

Come August 1 Amberly Events will have officially launched and I am both excited and nervous.

Amberly is the third name change for my business and the first real rebrand. In 2017, I launched my business as Chaqué Detail. “Chaqué” being the French word for “every” seemed chic and smart. It, apparently, is also completely unpronounceable by anyone. I loved the name but conceded to change in an effort to make my brand more memorable and “Every Detail Designs” was born. Little did I know I would have an introspective journey ahead before creating Amberly Events.

Back then, my mission was to offer three design aesthetics; “simplistically stylish” (which was budget friendly), “the edge” (which was modern) and “timeless elegance”(which was high-end and classy). I believed offering three design alternatives was smart. I would be casting a wide net as well as highlighting my skill. While I did cast a net, I did not quite yield the return I desired. In addition, my brand was all over the place. No cohesion existed. How could anyone know my brand? My style? My mission or methodology? If they could not tell, they could not connect. Moreover, if I could not connect, I would never plan or design an event for my ideal client. It was time to sit down with some prayer and reflection. Being an entrepreneur means knowing thyself. It also means recognizing a need and providing a service or product that meets the need.

Welcome Home Amberly | Creating of Amberly Events

I much prefer an intimate gathering.

In “knowing thyself”, I need to remember that I am not a big crowd type of lady. I believe so much more can be gained by being able to truly engage with everyone present. Furthermore, I LOVE to entertain and when I do, it has to be the best for both my guests and myself. I wish for my guests to feel appreciated and to experience wonderful food, libations and connections. I find this is best achieved by applying my budget that had been for over 100 people to a guest count of 50 or even less. Now, I have elevating the experience to an entirely new level for a very special few.

In business, I recognized clients who often had guest counts of over 200 struggled to accommodate the cost for catering and all the other elements such as flowers and music. I saw disappointment as these elements were sacrificed so people they did not know could attend. In addition, my clients did not even have the opportunity to connect with all of their guests. They would never have known if a certain guest attended or not. I found it heartbreaking. I wanted my clients and their guests to have the luxury of the finer things and a chance to appreciate each other’s company.

Knowing thyself and recognizing a need would be the component behind Amberly.

I spent a year or more traversing the event industry only to return home to what I knew best. I knew that large weddings and events where no longer going to be where I would place my focus. My preference for intimate gatherings and appreciation for life’s greatest offerings would ignite and fire my passion to bring such experiences to others looking for the same. To meet the need of those who desire a high-end experience alongside those they hold in highest regard. Amberly Events is built upon the ideology that an intimate gathering redirects value and includes the art of appreciation. That through an exclusive engagement, one can celebrate life and, while appreciate the best food, wine, music and location, one can pop champagne amidst those they could not foresee living that moment without.


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