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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 

the art of appreciation

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An event is appreciation in art form. An acknowledgement of a story, of the guests of honor and of the lives that impact the story. A chance to enjoy the finest tastes, sights, sounds and scents alongside those we hold of upmost value. Whether a significant life moment or a dinner party among friends, appreciation, ease and a truly bespoke experience is best cultivated through the planning and design of intimate, elegant engagements.


"I cannot think of a better person to entrust your event to than Amber. Not only is she extremely organized and thorough, she is the most detail-oriented and thoughtful person I have ever known. I would wholeheartedly entrust any event to Amber and know without a doubt, she would execute my vision flawlessly. She really takes the time to learn what you’re all about so that she can make your dream a reality. Her attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She will immerse herself into your event and add those personal touches that will blow your guests away. She is truly passionate about event planning and it is evident in her process every step of the way. So, enjoy your event, and let Amber take care of the details."

~ Coty T.

"I was hired by Amber as the photographer for her wedding luncheon in Big Canoe. Amber was an amazingly sweet, friendly and super organized client. When my second shooter and I arrived at Amber's wedding luncheon, we were blown away by how well everything was put together. From the gorgeous decor to the fabulous organization, everything was amazing. Hiring Amber as your event planner would be one of the best choices you could make! And this is coming from a full time wedding photographer who works with A LOT of planners and venues!"

~ Martine, Martine Beher Photography

"Amber is very intuitive and thoughtful of the needs of the party host. It's fun working with her because her passion for planning really shows and makes you feel like the whole event is going to go just as you planned."

~ Ellyse A.

"I’ve been involved with several events that Amber has either hosted or planned. I can say, without hesitation, that her commitment to excellence is unparalleled. She has an incredible ability to make - even the seemingly-insignificant aspects of an event feel special. I’ve seen a lot of people (myself included) impressed and pleased by her work and the atmospheres that she’s able to create."

 ~ Taylor J.

"Amber's attention to detail and creativity when it comes to decor, transforms any event into an unforgettable moment you will look back on for years. She does a magnificent job of capturing the spirit, joy and feeling of the present moment."

~Melissa T.

"I have had the pleasure of attending an event organized by Amber and was amazed by the attention to detail, exquisite designs and personal touches she added to the occasion. She was able to capture the essence of the event through her designs so that the memories would last a lifetime in the minds of those who attended and also in the pictures that were taken. All this was done with a kind and professional attitude that showed her passion and enthusiasm for her work. I would highly recommend her services for your next special gathering!"

~ Christina J.

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